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Actions & Contexts Overview


Working with Actions


Email Directly to your Inbox

Add an item directly to your Smartytask inbox by emailing it to your — you can customize your inbox email address in settings.

Email to Inbox

Smartytask on your iPhone

Smartytask runs on your iPhone as a web app. It also works great on your iPad.

iPhone app



Someday Maybe

Keep your Somedays in a single list, or in custom groups.

Someday Maybe

Ticklers & Reminders

Ticklers are emailed to you when they are due, and are also moved to your inbox. You can change this in your settings.

Ticklers and Scheduled Reminders


Unlike other lists, Altitudes live a bulleted style nested list, more similar to editing a document.

Altitude Editor

Inbox & Overview

Organize everything from your inbox. Below, you have a collapsible overview snapshot of your entire system.

Inbox and Overview

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