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Smartytask Update 8-10-17

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Smarty Task is in the process of doing some updates to the entire system.

Good things.

Good stuff.

Stay tuned.

If YOU need help implementing GTD below is a link to Getting Things Done getting started page.

Getting Started

OS X users: Smartytask as a desktop app.

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No one loves web apps more than us, but managing your GTD life inside a browser window can be a little distracting. Here's a quick trick for Apple/OS X users to use Smartytask as a standalone desktop application using a BRILLIANT piece of free software called Fluid.

The quick & easy way: Download the app here, move it to your /Applications/ folder, enjoy, you're done.

Another option is to download the Fluid app from their website and follow the simple instructions to turn Smartytask into a desktop application.

If you do that, you'll also want this file: Icon - st.png - Fluid lets you pick an icon for each app you make, this is the icon we came up with for you to use.

Great Inbox app for your phone

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To stay productive, you gotta get that awesome idea out of your head and into your system without skipping a beat. Recently we came across an app that's better at it than anything we've ever seen, and it's called Captio. It's the best buck you'll spend this month, and combined with our email to inbox feature it's a dream come true.

Note: we're not affiliated with Captio, just like it a lot.

New Feature: Repeating Ticklers

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You can now create repeating ticklers. When assigning a date to a new tickler, you'll notice a "Repeat" button below the date selector. The options allow you to set them to repeat at almost any conceivable interval.

Smartytask works on Android

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The mobile version of Smartytask now works on your Android device, and we're told it's quite snappy.

Like the iPhone app, just login to your account on your devices web browser and it will detect that you're on the go, and log you into the mobile version of the site.

New Feature: LoFi

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LoFi mode is now active on all accounts. Access it at

It's a plain html view your system, great if you find yourself on an antique web browser, or device not yet supporting the full app. It's also a very clean printing option for us note card junkies.

We're focused on Android for now, then Blackberry, but even after the full app works beautifully on every new cool device, hopefully LoFi will have found a place in your heart. :)

New Feature: Project Separators

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We introduced a new feature today that allows you to visually group your active projects by using separators. Keeping your projects on a single flat list is critical to the GTD workflow. This new feature is intended to let you maintain that simplicity while allowing you to visually organize them.

Click the new "Add a Separator" link at the top left of your project view and give it a try! You can name them, drag them around, and collapse them to hide projects between them.

New Feature: Email to Inbox is live

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You can now add items to your Smartytask inbox by email! Just email anything to your - awesome right? :) - You can turn this feature on and off in your settings. For added security, you can also include a unique pin to your address. (ie.

Being able to quickly get ideas out of your head and into your inbox is a must for any good GTD system. Aside from the obvious zillion email capable devices, this also opens Smartytask up to some creative integration with other third party web apps that send reminders, notation, etc. Or, perhaps another person you trust with this type of access.

*Also in this update: We fixed a bug that was making lists print out incorrectly.

Smartytask on your iPhone.

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Smartytask can run on your iPhone as a web app. Unlike a native iPhone app that you would download from the app store, Smartyask will automatically activate it's iPhone app when you login through safari on your iPhone. Instructions on bookmarking are below.

This will be the foundation for more devices (Android's getting the most requests), but as our first stab at mobile Smartytask features are quite limited for now. It's a reliable way to access your lists on the go, but it's not ready for heavy GTD-ing yet. Expect updates on mobile Smartyask soon.

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